Screw it, let’s make a podcast.

The Shodcast was a weekly show that I do with my mate Dave. We played music, have mind expanding discussions, interviewed interesting guests, and had some funny features. But most importantly, it was a great excuse to have a beer and hang out with my buddy Dave.

It all started when we met at art school and one lunch time we walked across to the main campus of Bournemouth University where we basically wandered through the corridors until we discovered the campus radio station. We found out who the station controller was and after a chat we were incredibly given a slot on campus radio during prime time hours (it was on Wednesdays at lunch, Friday mornings, and Sunday evenings, I still can’t believe they let us do that). After literally 5 minutes of training, we were left alone in a studio full of very expensive buttons and very little idea of how to use them. As a result, the first 10 minutes of broadcasting was silence since we didn’t turn the volume up…

Since then, very little has changed! We are still terrible at producing good radio shows, but make up for it by being really good looking.

A big shout out to Nick Stoney (hold tight) for doing the artwork for us.