Everybody likes to eat lunch, right?

Mr Lunch started in 2010 as a small personal project between friends (NabilDave, and I) and was originally known as Sandwich Sleuth. Whilst working in London we were impressed by the quality and variety of lunches available and decided to start documenting them.

We began by taking photos, we made small “top trump” playing cards and stuck them on the wall by our desk. Colleagues would stop by to look at what we had rated as the top lunch for that week.

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Then we decided to make a website for it. If anything it was a good excuse to hang out and drink beer together. We spent a while planning everything out and created a website that’s scalable. There’s a lot that’s been considered so that new features will become available once we have enough site traffic. We brainstormed and concepted the branding for the site. We created some mood boards and paid for an illustrator to create a character design for us. We got help from a designer to put together web pages based on our wireframes, and we hired a developer to code the website.


This website was started for fun and as a side project. It’s helped us in job interviews because it shows we do stuff with our spare time. We put our own money into making it happen but we need investment to really get it out there. We know that it’s better than the competition because it’s enjoyable to use. More importantly, it’s not taking anything from the user, it’s just providing entertaining and useful content.

A huge thanks to the incredibly talented  Nick Stoney for the character design.

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