“Let’s collect all the cool links!”


petervanlanschot.com Hyperplinks logo 2
petervanlanschot.com Hyperplinks logo

Hyperplinks.com grew from the humble beginnings of a list of entertaining links that was emailed around every Friday afternoon. Back then it was called Plinks (Pete’s Links). Over time, this grew in popularity and as people started submitting their own links, it moved over from a mass email to a Facebook community group. This has steadily grown in size until it became worthwhile to create a website that would neatly store and archive all of these links so that anyone can browse them.

Now, Hyperplinks.com is two things: it is an online entertainment magazine of videos, pictures and links found daily. It is also a huge archive that is easily searchable and even easier to browse through.

A big thanks to the incredibly talented Nick Stoney for designing the Hyperplinks logo.