Messing around with video editing software.

University project: music video edited to a Dizzee Rascal / The Strokes bootleg track.

This was part of our video editing module at university and the brief was nice and open – make a music video. After having completed the Flash and HTML modules on the course I was really itching to do this project and loved exploring Adobe After Effects and pressing every single button trying to work out what it did. As a result there isn’t really a theme to this video since it became more of a challenge to see just how many different techniques I could understand in 4 weeks. Days would typically go like this: find some props, find a location, call up some mates, get drunk, film some shit, edit all night, set it to render, sleep, repeat.

The audio track is called ‘Just a Reptilian’ and was made by a chap who goes by the name Lionel Vinyl, aka Ian Davenport. The man is a legend and once taught me some web design. During one of his lectures he inadvertently let slip that he was into making bootlegs so I grabbed the track and saw it as a perfect opportunity to use for the music video since I was pretty sure it didn’t already have a video set to it.

As with most of these old videos, interlacing and video quality were the absolute last of my worries as I grabbed a DV camera from the university’s stores and ran off filming anything that moved. This isn’t an excuse but it is the reason why it’s of such a shoddy quality (especially in this day and age where you can get a video camera on your mobile phone that shoots in HD).